Neutron Detector Chambers

  • At the heart of a Silverside detection system is the Silverside standard chamber: a thin, thermal neutron detection panel that is designed to balance flexibility of design of the overall system, while keeping the cost per detection at a minimum.

    Standard chamber specifications

    Neutron Conversion 7.5″ x 35″ single sheet double-side readout Li-6
    Overall size 2.4” x 8.5” x 38”
    Neutron detection method Multi-wire proportional counter
    Thermal neutron efficiency εthermal=30%. Area x εthermal=508 cm2
    Fissile neutron efficiency (with optimized moderator) .95 cps/ng (Cf-252 @ 2m)
    Neutron detector gamma rejection Better than 10-8
    Voltage input 950V-1420V
    Signal/HV connection MHV
    Maximum throughput 10,000 cps
    Weight 20 lbs




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