Mobile Vehicle Monitors DEV

  • Silverside is currently offering test units to potential integration partners for initial systems testing. The Developer Unit includes 2 Silverside Base chambers and the Silverside Read electronics. The unit is ideal for one off neutron detection needs or for testing an integration solution.

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Detector 2 Silverside Base units and moderation
Electronics 1 Silverside Read electronics
Thermal neutron efficiency thermal][/εthermal]=1040 cm2
Minimum cps/ng (Cf-252 @ 2m) 1.9 cps in 0.24 m2surface area configuration
Maximum cps/ng (Cf-252 @ 2m) 2.1 cps in 0.47 m2surface area configuration
Weight 100 lbs (with moderation)



Below you can find manuals and product software. Please reach out to us at for any questions regarding the function of your Development unit.




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