About Silverside Detectors


We are a team of physicists, engineers, and entrepreneurs committed to reducing the threat of nuclear terrorism. We develop nuclear radiation detection technology to protect cities and citizens from nuclear terrorism.


  • Networks of radiation sensors are the future of nuclear security.

  • Low-cost, large-area detection technology can transform cities’ preparedness against a nuclear terrorism event.

  • Affordable, innovative technology can multiply the effectiveness of law enforcement, intelligence agencies, and other teams committed to stopping an act of nuclear terrorism.




  • Advanced Nuclear detectionADVANCED

    Designed by particle physicists based on their research at the CERN project, the technology translates cutting edge of detector research to meet the challenges of international security applications.

  • affordable-iconAFFORDABLE

    Built from the ground-up for low-cost excellence, Silverside adapts technology from double-paned windows and smoke detector electronics in a marriage of front-line physics research and best-practice manufacturing techniques.

  • adaptableADAPTABLE

    The flat-panel form factor allows discreet installations in jersey barriers, police cars, backpacks—allowing deployment scenarios that seamlessly integrate into current operations.


Technology must respond to the needs of the end users. That’s why our team includes staff and advisors with expertise in public policy and government security—so that Silverside’s products evolve to meet the core needs of the agencies that are on the front lines securing nuclear material and protecting our cities from the threat of nuclear terrorism. Matching cutting-edge technology to cutting-edge public policy: that’s Silverside’s commitment.