About Silverside Detectors


  • Technology that transforms nuclear security

  • Solutions that navigate bureaucracy

  • Discovery of new frontiers in neutron detection science

  • Excellence in all that we deliver

We love neutrons, detecting neutrons, and making sure neutrons are not where they shouldn’t be.

Silverside is a team of scientists, engineers and security experts that solve complex customer application problems. We apply physics and strategic policy analysis to create solutions that navigate bureaucratic challenges, make the jobs of first responders easier, and help shape the security of our world.

  • Neutron Detection

    Partnering with Primes to supply radiation detection systems at ports and borders–the government’s first line against the threat of nuclear terrorism

  • Advanced Nuclear detection
    Network Deployments

    Serving the emerging market for large-scale deployments of detection capability around urban population centers and large events


  • Neutron Science

    Discovering new applications for neutron detection


Cutting-edge technology must serve operational reality. That’s why we rely on a team of boots-on-the-ground partners to rigorously vet our systems and software. We gain a full understanding of the problems our customers want to solve and their operational processes, so that Silverside’s products help them achieve their scientific and security objectives.