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  • Low cost-per-count, high sensitivity neutron detection for fixed and mobile installations.

    Silverside’s neutron detectors are game changers for all large-area and standoff detection operations. Designed to maximize the neutron sensitivity per dollar, the Silverside system provides scalable, sensitive, rugged, long-life detection in a plug-and-play-ready format, surpassing government performance standards when integrated into portal monitor and vehicle-mounted systems.

    Technological advantage with time-tested principles

    The core of the technology is a single sheet of 6Li metal within a multi-wire proportional chamber that spans the body of the chamber.
    This large-area, flat panel design allows more neutrons to enter the detection area compared to tube-like geometries. Low-cost hermetic seals similar to those used in the double-pane window industry maintain purity of the detection gas over lifetime deployment. Proportional wire readout allows for the low-cost readout of expansive areas of active region with no degradation of signal, and gamma-ray rejection is inherent to the simple, threshold-based readout system.

    Modular. Flexible. Scalable.

    Designed to maximize surface capture area, the detectors maintain superior sensitivity in stand-off and at-speed monitoring deployments. The detectors likewise surpass government performance standards when integrated in portal monitors and vehicle-mounted systems.
    Different configurations of Silverside Base chambers can be used to create a variety of low-cost neutron detection solutions, from backpack modules to at-speed traffic detection systems.

    • Mobile and fixed-infrastructure deployment
    • No nuisance alarms
    • Cost-effective efficiency
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  • Mobile/Vehicle Units

    Portal Monitor Replacements

    Leave-Behind Networked Systems

    Backpack Units