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  • We are nuclear threat detection experts

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  • We are a dynamic, motivated team embedded in the Boston start-up scene, actively participating in nuclear policy circles, and ready to give the world a better detection solution.

    We are building a community of experts and advisors with breadth and depth of experience in nuclear physics, international security, manufacturing design, technology commercialization, high-growth start-ups, and nuclear threat reduction policy.



  • Andrew Inglis                         

    CEO & Founder

    Andrew is a nuclear physicist who has helped develop detectors to search for dark matter particles and the Higgs Boson. Collaborating with top physicists at CERN and MIT, the design focus has always been large-surface, low-cost detection solutions that search for hard to find radiation signals. While a post-doctoral researcher at Boston University, his team was awarded a Department of Homeland Security grant to leverage these best practices for nuclear threat reduction applications. Andrew is a national champion cyclist and an enthusiastic advocate for the Boston start-up community.

    • Ph.D. in Physics – Boston University
    • M.A.T. in Secondary Science Education – Johns Hopkins University
    • M.S. in Engineering Science – University of Virginia
  • Sarah Haig Baker                               

    COO & Co-founder

    Sarah comes from a varied background in international security and economic development. She has built microfinance companies in China and Afghanistan, consulted with economic development programs in Sri Lanka, India, and Dominican Republic, and advised NATO on development priorities in Afghanistan. She leverages this expertise in early-stage organizational growth and public policy to connect Silverside Detectors to the international policy agenda around nuclear threat reduction. A Bostonian by birth and conviction, Sarah runs marathons and writes limericks in her non-Silverside life.

    • M.P.P. – Harvard Kennedy School
    • A.B. in Comparative Area Studies – Duke University
  • Philip_3

    Philip Taber                                  

    Mechanical Engineer / Project Manager

    Philip’s product design and development expertise ranges from large reverse-osmosis membranes (with Boston-based, venture-backed start-up Oasys Water) to mobile cooking systems (with Jetboil). He leverages his background in start-ups and full life-cycle product development to support all aspects of Silversides engineering and product management. True to his Pacific Northwest roots and New Hampshire education, Philip is a hiker and backpacker in his extra-Silverside life.

    • B.E. in Mechanical Engineering – Dartmouth College
  • andie001

    Andrea Bedell                            

    Business Development Manager

    Andie trained as an experimental physicist, with projects in thin film characterization and gamma radiation detection, before moving into customer-facing roles for a variety of technology companies. Most recently, Andie worked at Corning’s Life Science division as a Technical Sales representative, where her expertise in aligning customer needs with technical solutions served the sales, product management, and product development teams. Andie is an avid traveler and can often be found hiding out in obscure breweries.

    • B.S. in Physics, University of New Hampshire
  • peter001

    Peter Sisk                                    

    Senior Software Engineer

    Peter is a full-stack engineer with 30+ years of experience in developing software for a wide range of applications, from HIPAA-compliant clinical software to real-estate intelligence. Prior to Silverside, Peter worked at Gen9, a synthetic biology gene foundry, leading development of a business-wide Process Execution System that led to the scalability of product development. Previously, he led teams at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, in support of the Tuberculosis Database project–presenting a unified view of the tuberculosis genome to researchers and clinicians over the internet. When not returning to his Physics roots at Silverside, Peter is an enthusiastic gardener and a sometime-sailor on other people’s boats. He has recently taken up the piano.

    • B.A. in Physics, Reed College
    • M.S. in Civil Engineering, University of Connecticut
  • Gowtham Subramaniam         

    Mechanical Engineer

    Gowtham has applied his mechanical engineering training in manufacturing, computational, and design environments, having worked in a range of locations from a bicycle manufacturer to medical instrument company. In his free time, he plays pick-up Cricket and is by far the best bowler at Silverside.

    • B.E. in Mechanical Engineering – Anna University (Chennai, India)
    • M.S. in Mechanical Engineering – Northeastern University
  • Annabel Lewis                            

    Software Engineer

    Annabel is a graduate of Northeastern University’s Computer Engineering Undergraduate program and a Software Engineer here at Silverside. Eager to apply her knowledge on all areas of computing, she focuses on integrating systems, be they hardware, firmware, or software. To balance all time spent in the lab, Annabel uses the soothing power of singing in choirs.

    • B.S. in Computer Engineering, Northeastern University
  • Matthew Mercier                        


    Matt studied Business Administration at SNHU’s 3-year Honors Program. Since graduating in 2013, he’s done accounting mostly within the security industry. He started at Axis Communications as a Staff Accountant, focused on accounts payable. Moving to a cyber security company, Black Duck Software, he concentrated on the general ledger. Now at Silverside, Matt uses his accounting chops to help manage all financial streams and systemize legacy processes. Along with updating the books for security companies, Matt is a devoted Boston Celtics season ticket holder.

    • B.S. in Business Administration, Southern New Hampshire University
    • M.S. in Business Administration, Southern New Hampshire University
  • Thomas Pflanz                                  

    Manufacturing Engineer

    Tom started his career as a Product Design Engineer of Valve Actuators at Jamesbury Valve and designing hi-vacuum valves and Helium Mass spectrometer mechanical components at Varian Vacuum Products. Switching to Manufacturing Engineering for his second career, he supported existing Moisture and Flow Measurement System production and New Product Introductions at Panametrics and General Electric. At Silverside, Tom applies his design and manufacturing experiences on a wide variety of processes toward the production of Neutron detectors. Outside of Silverside Tom enjoys being on the water, fishing, travel and family time.

    • B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Northeastern University
  • Anne Raymond                           

    Mechanical Engineer

    Anne has tested food for radioactive isotopes as an FDA chemist, taught science classes at a rural Cameroonian school, and worked in science policy in the United States and India. Before joining Silverside, she studied mechanical engineering and policy at MIT, where her research focused on energy, materials, and manufacturing. She uses this diverse experience to support both technical and business efforts at Silverside. Anne loves to read and travel to new places, but is often happiest in the outdoors of New England, particularly when on a bicycle.

    • B.A. in Chemistry, Dartmouth College
    • M.S. in Mechanical Engineering and Technology & Policy, MIT



  • Jay Batson

    Jay Batson

    Jay has spent his life helping build tech companies either as a founder, CEO, or mentor / investor.  Having most recently founded Acquia, he now spends his full time giving a hand to other entrepreneurs.

  • William Hagan

    William Hagan

    Bill is the former Acting Director of the Domestic Nuclear Detection Office (DNDO), where he reported directly to the Secretary of Homeland Security. This and other roles within DNDO built on his 30+ years in technology development at Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC).

  • Steve Ruggieri

    Steve Ruggieri

    Steve is the former CEO of Dynasil Corporation, a publicly traded company that specializes in radiation detection. Steve is an active participant in the Boston start-up scene, both as a member of Launchpad and as an advisor to companies at Boston University and Northeastern University.

  • nathan_website2

    Nathan Woodard

    Nathan is an applied physicist with over thirty years of experience in taking advanced electro-physics based technologies from laboratory to product. He earned a Ph.D. from the Ohio State University in quantum electrodynamics, and his research there—ranging from customized lasers to ultra-high vacuum systems, cemented his love of taking science to market. Nathan has founded and exited multiple start-ups, including Beacon Power (founding team member) and Phasebridge Inc. (co-founder and Board member). Nathan dives into the technical and commercial challenge of bringing Silverside’s low-cost neutron detector to market.