Silverside in the News




Wired Magazine on Silverside’s grand challenge

6 April 2015

Building a nuclear bomb detector on a budget is what Silverside (colloquially) does.



Interview with Boston Globe columnist Thomas Farragher
1 April 2015

Boston Globe columnist Thomas Farragher writes about Silverside Detectors, Greentown, labs, nuclear threat reduction…and Duke basketball.



Silverside Featured on FOX News
20 October 2014

Silverside Detectors can change the landscape of urban nuclear detection.



Interview with 1776DC Challenge Cup regional winners
15 January 2014

Silverside co-founders Sarah Haig Baker and Andrew Inglis talk about the how a nuclear detection company is a non-traditional fit in the start-up scene.



MassChallenge and CASIS recognize Silverside Detectors
31 October 2013


In addition to the MassChallenge winners, the program’s partners awarded another $525,000 in sidecar prizes. The Center for the Advancement of Science in Space gave $75,000 to three companies, including Silverside Detectors, which also won $50,000 from MassChallenge and finished the night with the fattest overall purse: $125,000. Silverside makes low-cost radiation detectors designed to spot nuclear bombs in high-traffic areas like airports and subways.



Interview with Tech Cocktail
24 February 2013


Silverside Detectors is bringing to market a low cost radiation sensor that operates as a connected device for networks within and around cities. Sarah Haig Baker enlightened us as to where this idea came from, how their detectors fit into the market, and what keeps them marching forward.





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